All You Need to Learn About Refrigerated Container

In this short and knowledgeable blog, we are going to highlight the importance of refrigerated containers and how refrigerated container manufacturers are playing an important role in shaping the food processing industry.

Refrigerated Container Manufacturers

Do you have any idea, what is a refrigerated container?

Before we move forward and share various details and information, let's understand the machine, the refrigerated container. In simple language, a refrigerated container is an enclosed container for transporting temperature-sensitive perishable items, like food, flowers, fruits, etc. This blog is going to focus on several subjects concerning the title. This machine is also popularly called reefer. It is a term common in shipping.


Refrigerated containers are large-sized fridges that have found use in protecting and preserving:

  • Fruits
  • Meat
  • Fish
  • Seafood
  • Vegetables
  • Dairy
  • Flowers
  • Herbs
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Films

The machine has been manufactured to transport the goods at the required temperatures for the duration of the transit.

Working mechanism

Refrigerated container manufacturers across India use the latest technology to manufacture the machine. The specialized machine is bottom air delivery units. The machine distributes cool air from the mechanized floor with the help of a T-shaped decking. It is capable of producing and distributing the flow of air across the entire container and protecting shipments from decomposition.

Basic elements of refer unit

Industry experts have divided the unit into four sections:

  • Compressor section
  • Condensersection
  • Evaporator section
  • Fresh air make up the vent

Compressor section

This section comprises:

  • Compressor along with HP switch and power cable storage unit.
  • A power transformer
  • Modulating and suction solenoid valve for monitoring and controlling the quantity of gas flow
  • Safety fittings comprise moisture liquid indicator, pressure relief valve, filter drier, etc.

Condenser section

This is again an important section. It comprises:

  • Condenser fan, motor, an air-cooled condenser coil, and condenser saturation sensor
  • In order to function the air-cooled condenser pulls air from the bottom and releases it horizontally through the middle of the machine

Evaporator section

  • It comprises a temperature sensing bulb returns recorder bulb sensor and a thermostatic expansion valve
  • The thermostatic expansion valve measures and maintains the flow of refrigerant and maintenance of inside temperature

Fresh air make up the vent

This section focuses on:

  • It has a specific purpose. It provides ventilation for commodities as they require fresh air circulation
  • It must remain closed when transporting frozen foods

Safety and Operating Precaution

The machine has been designed in line with industry norms and standards. Yet, it's important to follow safety and operating precaution. Here are a few important safety and operating precaution suggested by refrigerated container manufacturers:

  • In case of any injury don't hesitate to get medical attention immediately
  • Wear safety gloves and glasses at the time of charging
  • Stay away from evaporator and condenser
  • Beware while bypassing electrical safety device
  • Don't carry out any repair work unless circuit breakers and start-stop switches are turned off and the power supply disconnected
  • Use CO2 fire extinguisher in case of electrical fire
  • The team handling the container should be aware of the safety measures

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