Solar Cold Room

Bharat Refrigerations has gained continuous appreciation as the prime organization offering Commercial & Industrial Refrigeration Equipment catering to Industries like Dairy, Ice Cream, Food Processing, Fruit Ripening, Horticulture/Floriculture, Hotels-Restaurants, Pharmaceuticals, Logistics, Plastic and Chemical Industry etc. This appreciation encouraged us to develop the innovative Cold Storage powered by solar stand-alone for improving storage quality and reducing wastage of horticulture and floriculture produce.

Most of the Horticultural/Floriculture produce requires a cooling temperature between 0°C to 15°C for safe storage and transient purposes. In the absence of cold storage and related cold chain facilities, the farmers are forced to sell their produce immediately after harvest which results in overabundance and low price realization.

Stand-alone Solar Power is one of the best solutions for operating small cold storage system in rural areas where there is certain limit of power load. Solar energy based refrigeration system is quite relevant to Indian weather because it is blessed with a good amount of solar energy in most parts of the country, throughout the year. This rich source of endless solar energy is the main power source for the Solar Cold Room built by Bharat Refrigerations and it gives a 24 Hours backup with no door opening.

Bharat Refrigerations Solar Cold Room is a Hybrid Cold Room designed to use throughout the year, even when there is no sunlight. This Solar Cold Room can be used with the alternate power source during the absence of Sunlight i.e. Electric Power and/or DG Power.

The Plug & Play feature of this Solar Cold Room makes it portable. Being portable, this Cold Room can be shifted anytime anywhere as per your convenience with no installation cost.

Additionally the maintenance is very low and there is no running cost while operating through solar stand-alone. These characteristics make this Solar Cold Room best suited & affordable for farmers.

We offer Solar based cold Storage,

Cold room size (LxWxH): 20'10" x 7'9" x 7'11"
Polyurethane Insulation Thickness: 100 mm
Product capacity: 4 to 5 MT
Loading rate: 10 %


24 hour with no loading and no door opening condition
16 hour with 10% loading and 10 times door opening condition

Temperature range: 2 ˚C to 20 ˚C
Product: fruits-vegetables, flower and other dairy items
Solar Panel: 5 kW

Unique Feature:

Thermal energy storage to provide back up during night and cloudy weather
Solar powered stand alone
Grid and DG set hybrid
No battery for refrigeration
Low maintenance
Portable type and easy to shift at any open country side areas
No running cost

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