Ripening Chamber

We, Bharat Refrigerations, provide most advanced fruits ripening rooms for fruits like mango, banana and papaya. We provide forced draft cooling system for uniform ripening of fruits even in large capacity rooms. We use blended gas system for the purpose of ripening which is acceptable as per universal standard. With our system, client has unique advantage of controlling ripening cycle from four to fifteen days! We provide precise gas monitoring system for better storage life of the produce.

The essential requirements of an ethylene ripening system are:

A reasonably air tight room with insulation
A temperature control system for cooling and/or heating
An air circulation and ventilation system
Humidity control
An ethylene gas injection system
An electric control system

We Offer Ripening Chamber

Manual (Time Based), Semi-Automatic& Automatic
We ensure that each ripening chamber is designed to maintain the precise conditions required for specific application.

Features of our ripening chamber such as:

Microprocessor controlled and compatible with computer
Low Cost and light weight, constructed with PUF-panels
Low investment and maintenance cost
Easy to commission, Swing or Sliding door
Ripening capacities from 5 tons to 25 tons for each chamber
Moveable from one site to another and expandable
Controlled levels of Ethylene, CO, Temperature, Humidity & Time
Energy efficient, uniform and quality ripening
Ripening chambers are reliable with energy-efficient refrigeration units

Ethylene Exposure:

Sr. No. Product Details Ethylene Concentration (PPM) Ethylene Exposure Time (Hours) Ripening Temperature O (C) Storage Temperature O after Ripening(C)
1 Banana 100-150 24-48 15-18 13-14
2 Mango 100 24 20-22 10-13
3 Papaya 100 24-48 120-25 About at 7

Daily Ripening Chart

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