Cold Room

We are one of the trusted manufacturers of Cold Rooms, Walk- in Coolers & Freezers that are specially designed for chilling or freezing applications. The CFC-free refrigeration systems facilitate efficient cooling, freezing of the chamber integrated with user-friendly structure and design. Available in various capacities, these Cold Room are provided with pre-fabricated panels for easy assembly, cam lock in tongue and groove assembly. These Cold Room find wide application in Food Processing, Dairy Products, Fisheries, Hotels-Restaurant, Research laboratories, Chemical and Pharmaceuticals, Ware House Storages, Agriculture, Horticulture-Floriculture etc


Food safe and CFC free
Wide temperature range and capacity
Pre-fabricated panels for easy assembly, tongue and groove assembly
Micro-processor based electronic control panel board, digital temperature indicator
Energy efficient refrigeration systems attuned to suit high ambient conditions
PUF injected insulation (40kg/m3) , insulation thickness from 60 mm to 150 mm
Safety, high & low temperature alarms & recorders
Auto & manual operation

PUF Panels & Accessories

THICKNESS : 60,80, 100,125 & 150 mm
SURFACE MATERIAL Gl Pre-Painted Sheet, S.S. Sheet (Grade 304/316 & Surface Finish 2B & Mate), GI Plain Sheet, Plain Galvanize Iron. (Inside & Outside different metal can be placed as per your requirement)
(A) For Kota stone or concrete floor, PUF Slab with both side tar felt coated.
(B) For Kota stone or concrete floor, both side metal surface panel in which each side fits with cam lock and prevent temperature loss.
(C) Aluminium Chequered Plate with Marine Ply.
(D) FRP Cladding on floor
(A)Flush Type : Swing Door with FRP Profile, Imported Hardware, Push Type Gasket & replaceable heater for easy door operation & long life.
Opening Size :24"x72",30"x72",34"x78",46"x84" (Door Opening W x H)
(B) Over Lap Type : Teak wood frame with metal covering by using heavy duty hardware for better strength
Size : 45"x84",49"x84",54"x84", 60"X90" (Door Opening W x H)
(C) Sliding Type: Sliding Doors are delivered as complete units easy to mount with all fittings, sliding rail, and Bottom guide roller etc. Sliding Doors are designed for tough commercial environments such as Cold Stores, Incubation Chamber, Blast Chiller.
Size : Widt h: 870/1200/1500/1800 mm, Height: 2100 to 3000 mm, Thickness: 80 mm
(D) Hatch Door: Different size hatch door with heavy frame for easy material movement in high turnover ice cream and dairy industries.
Opening Size (WxH): 20"X20", 24"x24", 30"X30"
(A) Length & Width Minimum 1.78 mt and Bigger size 0.146 mt in multiples. As per requirement
(B) Standard Height for 60 mm thickness 2.47 mt, 80 mm-2.51 mt,100 mm-2.55 mt, 125 mm-2.60 mt, 150 mm-2.65 mt. Single Panel Height upto 12 mt and above as per your requirement.
PRESSURE VENTILATOR : Tri-action pressure ventilator with/ without heater to balance pressure and vacuum inside cold room.
View Port : 12” X12” View port with three layer argon filled toughen glass which can be visible upto -20⁰C inside the cold room
Strip Curtain : Semi-transparent PVC strip curtain for negative temperature application to prevent heat loss and ultimately the power.
Sr. No. Parameters Description
1 Average PUF Density 40 ± 2 Kg/ m³
2 PUF Blowing Agent 141B (CFC free)
3 Insulation Material Polyurethane foam
4 Temperature range +90°C to -60°C
5 Penal Type Discontinuous type with cam lock
6 M.O.C. Of Cam Locks Cam locks body material HIPS and male latch is made of nylon Glass field with GI sheet reinforcement. Cam-lock panel joints easy assembly and leakage resistant, panel-to-panel joints.
7 Type Of Panel Joints Tongue & Groove Joint with Cam lock and all side rubber gaskets
8 Corner Panel Available 12” X 12” X 162”(Maximum Length)
9 Length of wall & ceiling panel 2032 mm to 12000 mm 80” to 472.5” inch
10 Ceiling Suspension items with specs MS bolt with thermal breaking cap. 4 mm thickness X 80 X 80 mm Aluminum/MS washer plate for load distribution Anchor bolt (MS) hanging bolt with 40 mm washer 2.0 mm thickness Sealing to panel MS road Clamp with an insulated crown.
11 Closed cell content 90 to 95%
12 Vapour Permeability 5.5mg/PASM.
13 Water Absorption Less than 2%
14 Fire Resistance FR Grade (Fire Resistance Grade)
15 Compressive Strength at 10% Deformation 0.21 N/ (For PUF only)
16 Tensile Strength 0.58 N/ (For PUF only)
17 Adhesive Strength(Foam to Sheet) 2.9kg/
18 Adhesive Strength (Foam to Sheet) 2.9 kg /
19 Panel Facing Availability With Rib or plain on Demand (Ribs are provided for more strength)
20 Wall & Celling Panel Facing material Pre Painted Galvanised sheet, Thickness 0.50mm Plain Galvanised sheet, Thickness 0.50mm S.S. sheet, Grade 316, 0.50mm finish 2B/ 0.6mm mate No.4 S.S sheet, Grade 304, 0.50mm finish 2B/ 0.6mm mate No.4
21 Floor Panel Facing Material PUF Panel with both side tarfelt sheet. PUF Panel with both side 0.5mm GIPP sheet. PUF Panel with outside GIPP sheet, inside 9 mm thick marine ply with 2 mm thick Aluminium Chequered Plate
22 Specification for Colour Coating A. RAL No. : 9002/9003 or it's nearest
B. Indian Standard code Colour Coating : IS 14246 Galvanizing : IS 277 Base Metal : IS 513
C. Organic Coating : Type RMP (Polyester)
D. Zinc Coating : 120 GSM
E. Top Primer (Thickness in micron 'μ') : 5 +/- 1 μ
F. Top Coat (Thickness in micron 'μ') : 20 +/- 1 μ
G. Back Primer (Thickness in micron 'μ') : 4 +/- 1 μ
H. Back Coat (Thickness in micron 'μ') : 4 +/- 1 μ
I. Guard Film (Thickness in micron 'μ') : 40 +/- 3 μ
J. Salt Spray Test /Humidity Test : 750 hrs. /1000 hrs.

Evaporator Units


Fan - High reliability, lower temperature resistance and low noise external rotor fans.
Coil - High Efficiency heat exchange with in line tube system for minimum loss of air flow between fans and large surface area for better cooling.
Unit Body - Aluminium, PU type Powder Coated, Corrosion resistant and nice appearance body.
Maintenance - Compact, adjustable & easy open able side panels for easy installation.

Condensing Units


High cooling with low power consumption
Designed for high ambient condition up to 55°C
Condensing coil with inner grooved copper tubes & aluminium fins
Efficient fans with external motors for single phase and three phase
High & low pressure cut-out including mounting brackets, wired to terminal strip
Large size filter drier, moisture indicator, solenoid valve, oil separator and accumulator
Shell & tube type condenser with high cooling and capacity for high ambient conditions

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