How do industrial chillers help industries?

In this industrial blog, we are going to highlight about an important product, blast chillers. The product is also known as an industrial chiller

With the advent of technology, the product has witnessed numerous technical and mechanical changes. Leading industrial Blast chiller manufacturers in Chennai are drawing benefits from the advancement in technology. Subsequently, their blast chillers are recognized for efficiency and durability.

Before we take a deep dive into the subject, let's understand the industrial chiller in simple language, helping readers to connect with the blog better.

What is a blast chiller?

It is a mechanized and technology-driven machine that is designed to rapidly lower the temperature of products, especially edible items, and dairy products. It is perfect for the frozen food industry, including ice cream

When food gets frozen the water present inside it crystallizes. The crystals formed are large in size. In a blast freezer, the scenario gets reversed. The extremely cold temperature promotes triggers rapid freezing, leading to the formation of small ice crystals. According to experts, the smaller the crystals, the less damage to the food. At the same time, a large crystal can rupture cells. The moment, the food gets frozen by using industrial chillers, it is ready to be shifted to a conventional freezer for storage;

Unique features of an industrial blast chiller;

  • Temperature ranges from +10° C to -80° C
  • Internal and external finishing in stainless steel, G.I pre-coated polyurethane foam insulation
  • Hot gas defrosting system
  • High-efficiency fan ensures adequate cooling capacity
  • The freezers are custom designed according to the need of the client
  • Freezer type - Tunnel type, trolley type, storage type, and plate freezer

Furthermore, blast freezers are also widely used for freezing several engineering products. For in-depth information, you can get in touch with industrial Blast chiller manufacturers in Chennai. Don't compromise on the quality and unique features of the product. What suits your particular industry, may not suit other industries. Consequently, it is imperative to buy a product which is apt for your industry.

Advantages of the blast chillers;

Let's now shift our focus to one of the most important elements of this blog, the advantages of the product. The scientifically designed product offers numerous advantages, these include;

  • Reduce the deterioration of products during the freezing process
  • Increase the shelf life of the food product
  • Maintain food quality including flavour, texture, colour, aroma, and nutrients
  • Save money making use of seasonal and bulk offers
  • Save labour by enabling larger batch production
  • Reduce waste of unwanted products and preserve them for later use
  • Add new products to the menu
  • Be prepared and stored during less busy periods
  • Assist in the improvement of service and kitchen organization

Customized process chillers

Prominent blast chiller suppliers in Chennai can be contacted to get the desired customized process chillers. These suppliers hold the expertise to deliver custom-made solutions. Additionally, a few industrial Blast chiller manufacturers in Chennai are professionally competent to manufacture customized process chillers. You can share your industrial requirements, dimensions, applications, etc. with the team comprising engineers and technicians. Their team dedicatedly works on the custom requirement to deliver the product, you require.


Blast Chillers have been benefitting numerous industries, especially food processing, F&B, Dairy, and Ice Cream among others. The quality of the product makes all the difference. Only buy the product from an established manufacturer. You can trust Bharat Refrigerations!

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