How does a solar cold storage room help farmers?

In this blog, we are going to highlight the significance of solar cold storage, its benefits, and how it's helping rural farmers.

According to agriculture experts, most horticulture produce and vegetables require a cooling temperature between 0°C to 15°C for safe storage and transient purposes. Without a cooling facility, the produce gets deteriorated. Farmers are forced to sell their produce immediately after harvest to save deterioration. Considering these challenges cold storage solar rooms were necessitated.

Learning about the machine

The automated machine is designed for pre-cooling and storing perishable items. Solar energy is trapped to operate the machine. As a result, products are saved from rotting, sprouting, and damage from insects

Salient features a solar cold storage room

A quality-driven machine is identified with various salient features. These include

  • Solar powered stand alone
  • Grid and DG set hybrid
  • No battery for refrigeration
  • Low maintenance
  • Portable type and easy to shift at any open countryside areas
  • No running cost

Whenever you plan to buy a Cold Storage Room India from Ahmedabad, make sure that it matches the above-mentioned salient features. Your farming shouldn't suffer because of the inferior quality of the machine as it directly affects your revenue. Therefore, never settle for quality.


Temperature range: 2 ˚C to 20 ˚C


The main objective behind the automated solar cold storage machine is to provide cold storage facilities in rural areas wherein a power crisis is experienced. Its application comprises:

  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • flower
  • Dairy items

How do the cold storage solar function during the night and cloudy weather?

That's an obvious question many of you might be excited to raise. So, how does the machine function during the night and cloudy weather? The mechanized machine is designed in a way that it stores additional energy generated during the daytime. This additional energy acts as backup energy. It gets utilized during night and cloudy weather. Your important question has been addressed.

Training and operation

Cold Storage Solar has been designed keeping in view user-friendly features. Subsequently, it doesn't require any specific training and orientation. Many leading companies provide training to workforce/ farmers keeping in view their convenience. Engineers and technicians pay a visit to the site to impart training to users, basically farmers, the end users. Farmers queries and doubts are addressed.

If you are not convinced, you can ask for a second round of training. Famous solar cold storage companies in Ahmedabad, India are always there to support your staff.

Backup plan

Let's now shift our focus to the backup plan. Quality-driven cold storage solar comes up with an automated backup plan:

  • 24 hours with no loading and no door opening condition
  • 16 hours with 10% loading and 10 times door opening condition

Plug & Play

This is an incredible feature of a machine. The plug & play feature of the machine allows the machine to become portable. Since the machine is portable, it can be easily shifted and transported to any place, anywhere.


The continuous power supply is a must to manage an electric-powered cold room. However, it's not possible in rural areas as power outages obstruct. Subsequently, a solar cold room is advised for a rural environment.

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