What is a solar cold room and what are its benefits?

This short write-up on solar cold storage is going to expand the knowledge of general farmers living in remote areas wherein power supply remains a big challenge. Many parts of India are still not connected with the power. Here farmers face numerous problems and challenges to prevent their harvest from getting spoiled. Solar cold storage has been a blessing in disguise in such a scenario.

Before we take a deep dive into the subject, let's understand the machine in simple language. Why there is so much emphasis on this machine?

Indian weather is apt for the solar-powered system as the majority of areas experience clear sky conditions for around 300 days in a year. There are several strong reasons for drawing benefits from thermal energy and meeting the requirements of hundreds of people living in remote areas.

solar cold storage

Learning about the machine

So, what is a solar cold room? In plain language, the solar-powered cold storage system provides cold storage facility for the safe storage of a wide range of items.

It is powered by solar photovoltaic with battery backup. This machine is designed to strike balance between lower grid demand and load shifting throughout peak application.

Features of an excellent cold storage

Over the years, the use of this commercial machine has gained prominence as it offers several benefits to users. Unless a product is beneficial to the user, it wouldn't get acceptance in the market.

  • Decreased electrical power expenses
  • Fewer power blackouts
  • Eco-friendly
  • Minimized greenhouse gas emissions
  • Solar-powered standalone
  • Low maintenance
  • Durable

Stand-alone Solar Power is one of the best solutions for operating small cold storage systems in rural areas where there is a certain limit of power load.

Solar hybrid cold room

The use of solar hybrid cold rooms is increasing exponentially. What is this system all about? The hybrid solar energy system is a combination of on-grid and off-grid solar energy systems.

In other words, it is an artificial mechanized machine-connected solar power system with a battery backup. The machine can be operated throughout the year.

Is a hybrid system worth it?

In this era of cutthroat competition, the use of the hybrid system is getting increased with each passing day. It saves your hard-earned money by reducing your electricity bills. Therefore, the machine makes the higher upfront system costs worth it. The solar-powered battery has the potential to store most of it. You are even free to sell excess power generated. As an owner of a horticulture farm, what else do you expect from a machine!.

Applications of the machine

Florists and horticulturists experience numerous challenges to preserve their flowers and fruits from extreme weather. The solar cold room helps florists and horticulturists to overcome challenges and prevent their harvest from getting spoiled. 

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