What is an air-cooled chiller and what are its features?

As indicated by the caption, this blog will focus on a wide range of issues related to air-cooled chillers, including features, properties, and benefits for industries. However, before we move forward, it makes sense to understand the chilling plant.

What is a chilling plant? Many of you might have heard about this word. It sounds simple. It's a technology-driven process with a crystal clear objective.

Understanding chilling plant

A chiller (cooling water circulation device) is a mechanized device driven by technology. It is designed to control the temperature by circulating a liquid such as water. The water here performs the function of a heat medium and acts as a cooling liquid. Its temperature is balanced and adjusted by the refrigerant cycle.

Objective & purpose

Talking about the purpose and objective of the device, it is used to maintain the temperature of various industrial devices and laboratory instruments, equipment, and machinery at a constant level. Furthermore, it is also suitable for air conditioning in buildings, corporate towers, companies, and factories.

Why it is called a chilling plant?

The mechanized machine is called a chiller as it serves as a cooling machine.

Types of chillers

From the basic definition, it's now time to move towards, the types of chillers. These are:

  • Air Cooled Chiller
  • Water Cooled Chiller
  • Liquid Chiller
  • Brine Chiller
  • Screw Chiller

Since, our main objective behind this blog is to impart knowledge about Air Cooled Chiller, let's now shift our focus to the main subject.

Learning about the basics of the machine

Talking about an industrial air-cooled chiller, it is a kind of refrigeration system designed to cool fluids and works in tandem with a facility's air handler system. This kind of industrial chiller has four main parts:

  • An evaporator
  • Compressor
  • Condenser
  • Expansion valve

How does the machine work? Coming to the working of the machine, the air-cooled chiller performs its functions by absorbing the heat from processed water. This type of machine sends wind to the heat exchanger and imparts cooling to the refrigerant with air.

The technology-driven machine is fully automatic with advanced inbuilt monitoring and quality control system. As far as chilling is concerned, it is ensured using plate type, shell, and tube evaporators. A single dual compressor enables power saving. Besides compact and portable designs, it is also available in other options. Depending on your industrial requirement, you can opt for a specific design and capacity.

The industrial machine is identified with several features; these include:

  • High-quality components and robust design
  • Wide temperature ranges from +10° C to -30° C
  • Factory-built and tested for quality check
  • Single, multi compressors for power saving
  • User-friendly microprocessor-based control panel
  • Chillers are fully automatic with high-quality controls
  • Quick chilling is ensured with plate type and shell and tube evaporators
  • Dependable, long-lasting, trouble-free equipment

It's a CFC-free process. Therefore, an environment-friendly development. Considering its salient features, benefits, and advantages, it is being extensively used across industries.


Since the machine is environment-friendly, its demand is gaining momentum. It's an investment worth making.

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