Why does dairy use Ice Building Tank? What are its benefits?

This is going to be an informative and engaging blog for our readers though it would be an eye-opener for enterprises, businesses in the dairy industry.

Before moving forward and taking a deep dive into the important subject, let's learn about the basic definition of the Ice Building Plant.

Chilling Plant

Learn about the machine

What is this machine all about? Why it is an integral part of the chilling plant and dairy industry? In simple language, Ice Building Tank is a mechanized system with the competency to store energy in the form of ice. In the market, it is also famous as IBT. For various applications in dairy companies, energy storage is required.

Over the years, it has been used for numerous applications in the dairy industry.

Unique features of the product

  • Efficient functioning
  • Low power consumption
  • Optimized performance
  • Cost-effective

Benefits and advantages

The benefits of ice building tank for dairy owners include:

  • It requires less connected power load
  • Ice Water in store inside the machine cools the product without any deviation from the standard process
  • As soon as the formation process gets completed, there is no need for a power supply
  • In case of air-cooled type, cooling tower and water supply not required

The capacity of the machine

Air-cooled chillers like Ice Building Tanks are available in various capacities. Depending on your dairy company's requirements, you can choose the machine. Here it's imperative to mention Bharat Refrigerations. The company is into supplying chillers, air-cooled chillers, environmentally friendly refrigeration systems, etc. Its technology-driven machine is available in the following capacities:

  • Wide capacity with Storage tank up to 1,00,000 LTR / 33,000 KG ice formation per day
  • Cooling storage capacity up to 900 TR./ day

In addition, you can order custom-made designs to suit your particular design and specifications. Don't compromise on quality.

Is it safe to use the machine in the dairy industry?

As an owner of the dairy unit or someone occupying the decision-making position in a company, your priority is pure milk, free from adulteration. Why not! Quality matters a lot when it comes to edible products since it is directly concerned with the health of the user.

IBT manufacturers across Gujarat, India adhere to industry standards to ensure optimized quality, Dairy owners are concerned about the quality of the machine and whether its application would cause any negative effect on the quality of the milk. The health of the product user is always at the center of manufacturing. Rest assured!

How about insulation?

An insulation part is again an integral element of the machine. Using the latest technology and raw material from OEM, companies provide excellent insulation. Therefore, reducing the chances of any kind of coldness in the environment.

Doesn't require too much space

This is another excellent feature of the product. As a businessman, you look for a product that doesn't occupy much space. The newly designed machine is tailor-made for units that are short of space. At the same time, to install the machine, you don't need to carry out specific civil construction at your site. Therefore, the machine saves precious time and money.

Let's collaborate for a mutually beneficial partnership

Bharat Refrigerations is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ice Make Refrigeration Ltd., an acclaimed manufacturer of Refrigeration Products and Equipment since 1993. Our excellence-driven total cold chain solutions comprise Cold Room & Storage Room, Transport Refrigeration, Commercial Refrigeration, refrigerated container, ice building tank, etc.

If you are searching for a cold storage partner for your business, then end your search with Bharat Refrigerations. Let's collaborate for a mutually beneficial partnership.

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