Refrigerated Container

Bharat Refrigerated container is designed to transport with temperature (+15°C to -25°C) for all perishable foods on all type of vehicle such as small, mini truck & heavy loading truck. Bharat refrigerated container is built using the highest quality components and technology to perform highest and most thermal efficient for the greatest return on your investment. Our container is available in single or multi door models, and offering an endless array of features and options. Bharat refrigerated container can be customized to fit your unique needs. With the assistance of our dedicated design team and hands-on engineering support, we can help you design trailers to meet your specific operational requirements.

Features :

Optimal Performance
Maximum Versatility
Low Weight. More Freight
Agile and Robust
Superior Thermal Efficiency
Lower Operating Costs

Detachable Refrigerated Container

Bharat’s Detachable Refrigerated Container is designed for multi deliveries of Ice Cream, Frozen Foods, Sea Foods, Meat, Bakery Products, Fruit-Vegetable & Dairy Products distribution. The Eutectic Plates are mounted inside a chamber which is separate from the main load system. The product inside the storage compartment is cooled on required temperature either for Frozen Application (-24⁰C) or Chilled Application (+2⁰C to 8⁰C) by the PCM pads. The connected power supply to charge should be 3 phase.

Model DT-1 Detachable model
Power 2 Kw / Hr
Daily Usage 8 hours of charging for 20 to 30 multipoint distribution / ambient 50⁰C
Container capacity -Inner 45 crates (Ice cream) 3600 Litres inner volume
Temperature -20ºC (Frozen) I +4ºC(chilled), DUAL Temp
Door 1 No rear
Suitable Vehicles Tata Ace / Mahindra Maximo
Tata Super Ace
Leyland Dost
Bolero Maxi Truck
Bolero pickup / Isuzu Dmax

Why Choose Bharat Refrigeration?

Requires no fuel to run the system
Operates at fraction of the cost of diesel driven Reefers
Very High Temperature Stability
Easy to operate - Plug & Charge
No Moving parts - Negligible Maintenance
Low Temperature Fluctuations at door openings
High Reliability: Assured product protection during distribution
Enables a green Cold Chain
Nation-wide service network


Maximum storage capacity
High resale value
Easily reparable
Low maintenance
Container can be shifted to another
Vehicle during vehicle breakdown / service
100% product protection
Low operating cost - less than rs.150 per day for cooling
Can be used as a cold room during off season
Only Dual Temperature reefer in India

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