How Does a Transport Refrigerated Container Work for Storage?

In this blog, we are going to highlight an important subject, detachable refrigerated container, its importance in various industries, and reefer truck manufacturers among others.

At the outset, it makes sense to learn about refrigerated containers.

Learning about the machine

What is a refrigerated container? It is a mechanized machine that maintains a stable temperature inside at the same time controlling humidity and promoting adequate airflow. The automatic temperature control facility protects the items inside from spoiling. The sophisticated machine is also known as transport refrigeration. Its main purpose is to ship the product from one place to another.

Innovative reefer technology is continuously evolving and redefining the design and features of the product. To keep in line with the changing market dynamics, reefer truck manufacturers in Ahmedabad are making the best use of technology.

Salient features of the product

The Indian market is flooded with refrigerated container manufacturers. Ahmedabad, Gujarat is one of the prominent hubs for the detachable refrigerated container. As an owner of a company that relies heavily on reefers, you seek a container that meets your industrial requirement. Therefore, salient features assume significance. For your knowledge, we are listing out a few salient features of the product:

  • Sturdy design
  • Requires no fuel to run the system
  • High-temperature stability
  • Easy to operate - plug & charge
  • Less maintenance
  • Low-temperature fluctuations at door openings
  • Reliable
  • Operates at fraction of the cost of diesel driven Reefers
  • No Moving parts
  • Durable

Sounds good. While exploring various reefer truck manufacturers in Ahmedabad, India thinks about these features and doesn't forget to compare with the features listed above.

Industries that use the machine

Numerous industries draw benefits from the sophisticated machine, including Food Processing, Beverages, Bakeries, Restaurant, Meat, Floriculture, Pharmaceuticals, Hotels, Fast food joints, etc.

Perfect for temporary storage

The machine is perfect for the temporary storage of edible and other items that require temporary refrigeration before they are delivered to the final destination.

How Does a Transport Refrigerated Container Work for Storage?

The amazing industry-centric product detachable refrigerated container generally operates on vessel supplied power. Furthermore, many transport refrigeration manufacturers fabricate refrigeration containers that have an inbuilt power supply unit.

Coming to the mechanism of the machine, the floor of the refrigerated container has a T-Floor. It is designed to allow for airflow beneath the cargo. Cold air generated due to technology from the unit blows through the vents at the bottom of the reefer. The warm air present at the top of the container flows back to the refrigeration unit over the cargo. Here the air cools down and returns to the interior.

In the case of fruit transport, the airflow arrangement is designed in a different manner. The air movement allows for fresh air to cycle in since carbon dioxide and ethylene gas-filled air moves out of the reefer. Subsequently, preventing premature spoilage of fruits.

Custom-designed reefers

Refrigerated container manufacturers are manufacturing a variety of reefers. Some are traditional, while some advanced designs come with additional features and components. If you are looking for a custom-designed product, you can choose a leading transport refrigeration manufacturer. In this era of technology, finding a reliable manufacturer isn't a massive challenge.

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